Technology To Create The Best Subwoofers And Loudspeakers

At Danley Sound Labs we build loudspeakers which are unique, not re-tooled versions of existing designs. Loudspeaker manufacturers typically make all sorts of claims for their products.

Deliver a simple, pure, natural and uncolored sound

Subjective superlatives and promises of performance abound! We are most certainly not following the crowd. We invite you to look behind the grille and see what is inside our loudspeakers. Danley designs cabinets like no one else.

Put the sound energy in the audience's seats, not sprayed over the side walls, ceiling and floors

Our specifications are confirmed by an independent lab. The technology alone is not enough. Listen to a Danley. Compare Danley to the competition, and you decide how best to describe what you have heard!

Maintain directivity control at the lowest possible frequency for the best results

The Danley Difference

Since 2017 MidKoast Entertainment has been supplying various production for Arrowhead High School's Homecoming Dance.

In 2018 we were contracted to bring in our 4-way JBL sound system.

Due to the highly reverberant nature of the room, we noticed a loss of intelligibility, and lower overall sound quality.

These issues were brought up to the client, and both parties agreed that there was a better solution.

In 2019 we remedied these issues by bringing in our 4-way Danley Sound Labs sound system.

Below are two videos taken during the setup of each sound system.

Let your ears be the judge, and schedule a demo today!

AHS Homecoming 2018


iPhone 7 Plus Video/Audio

~30' away from stage

AHS Homecoming 2019


iPhone 7 Plus Video/Audio

~50' away from stage